playwin fast lotto results

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playwin fast lotto results
powerball numbers july 28 2018

powerball numbers july 28 2018

Next. she burnt the bag but was spotted in the act on CCTV. Charged with fraud, the woman who didn’t win the lottery had her sentence passed in March 2016, two years after the discovery. She eventually admitted the charges and agreed to a settlement to pay back the shops from which she bought the goods, agreed by the shops and the court. She was also given a suspended jail sentence. Tearfully, she admittepowerball numbers july 28 2018d that she was ashamed and embarrassed by her mistake but would make it up to all those concerned.

Wednesday 6th April 2016 went down in history for the UK. It was the date that a new National Lottery jackpot win was set. At a cool £35.1m, even more astounding was the fact that this enormous, life-changing sum of money was claimed by a single ticket. The winning numbers on that fateful date were: 15, 17, 31, 41, 50 and 57. As was the request of the winning ticket holder, no information has been released, and never will be. We do not know whether the winner was a single ticket or a syndicate. We do not even know where in the country the lucky winner bought their ticket.

The biggest announcement was the close of the Thursday Super Lotto draw. Thursday Super Lotto is famous for setting the record for the highest Playwin jackpot ever won, after a Kolkata resident won 172.9 million rupees on May 25th 2006, and it will be sorely missed by Lotto players all across India. The Saturday Super Lotto, which was very similar to the Thursday draw, remains unaffected and will continue to be drawn every Saturday night between 10:00 and 10:30pm IST.

"The 1st jackpot Monsoon Bumper prize of Rs :40,000,000/- goes to ticket:

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Indian man used "sacred" hpowerball numbers july 28 2018eadscarf to save black dog but was accused

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The three-eyed cow is worshipowerball numbers july 28 2018pped as a god in India